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All the sizes presented on the Website are French sizes. 
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  • For jackets, dresses, cardigans, leather shorts ... 
  • For the socks: 
Shoe Size18-2020-2323-2627-3031-3435-3738-40


It's very simple ! 
In order to take your measurements, the measurement tape should be placed on your body without pressing it too tightly against you. 
If you donít have a measurement tape, you can replace it by a piece of string that you will measure afterwards.
A rigid measurement tape used at home will not do! :) 
1. Waistline
2. Bust size 
3. Pelvis 
4. Calf 
5. Collar size
6. Crotch
7. Knee high
8. Belt high 
Take your chest measurement just under the arms, closely around the body (2), then divide the number by 2 in order to get you jacket size. Example: your chest measures 104cm; 104: 2 =52 = this is your jacket size!

You can then choose your jacket in your French size and weíll ensure to deliver you the Austrian corresponding size (for example, if you order a French size of 52, youíll receive a size 50 in the Austrian size equivalent.) The French size is highlighted in pencil next to the Austrian size.

For those you already have jackets from the Steinbock brand, there is a mistake that can cause you confusion, the French & Austrian sizes indicated on the label are the same but only the Austrian size is correct. You will have to convert it yourself. For example: Their Austrian 56 isnít a French 56 but a 58. The conversion is quite simple to make but if you have any questions or hesitations please contact us!

The size to order when purchasing a waistcoat: if you like it tightly fitted, you could choose a size under your jacket size.
Same process!
Measure your waistline (make sure you take your measure once youíve expired where your waist is the narrowest) then divide the number by 2 to know which trousersí sizes youíll need to order.
But please donít panic
If you find yourself in between two sizes don4t despair, the
tables below should help. Or in any case donít hesitate in contacting us, youíll be warmly welcomed by one of
our lovely hostesses to guide you in your quest :) 

Chest circumference in cm85/8889/9293/9697/100101/104105/108109/112113/116117/120121/124
Size to order for JACKETS44464850525456586062

... and ...

Waist circumference in cm68/7272/7676/8080/8484/8888/9292/9696/100100/104104/108112/116112/116117/120121/124
Size to order for TROUSERS3436384042444648505254565860


These are the steps to try at home in order to know a jacket, dress, sweater or shirt size. Take your measurements then report yourself to the size tables below. 
Chest or Waist size = chest or waist circumference

The measuring tape mustnít to tight around your body: 
1) Chest circumference: your bust measurement should be taken horizontally across the tip of your breasts. 
2) The measurement just under your breasts: take the measurement horizontally just under the breasts. 
3) Waist circumference: take the measurement horizontally where your waist is at its narrowest, once you've expired naturally. 
4) Hip size: take the measurement horizontally where your hips are their largest. 

Correspondence Table: 
SizeWaist Circumference in cmChest Circumference in cmHip Circumference in cm